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Trainings/Meetings attended by Fr. Antony Fernandes, Executive Director-UKSVK

S.NoDate DescriptionOrganized byPlace/Venue
1.Jul 13-14, 2017Regional Forum Directors MeetCaritas IndiaCaritas India, New Delhi
2.Sept 02Training on Proposal MakingCaritas India & CRSGoa
3.Sept 20-21Training on Climate Change & Global WarmingUKSVKAgra
4.Nov 09-10Training on Volunteering for ChangeCaritas IndiaNew Delhi
5.Nov 14-17Regional Bishops Council MeetingVaranasi
6.Dec 02Meeting with team members of Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS)Agra
7.Dec 07-09Training on PRI StrengtheningUKSVKDausa
8.Jan 13, 2018Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM)Lucknow
9.Feb 21National Project Selection Committee MeetingCaritas IndiaNew Delhi
10.Feb 22-24Financial Consultation Meeting with Mr. Diogo Ferreira, Financial Consultant, KZE Germany UKSVK
11.Mar 06Meeting with Joselyn MartinNew Delhi
12.Mar 12-14Training on Women’s Right, Legal Literacy and PolicyUKSVKPGSS, Gorakhpur
13.April 7, 2018Regional Forum Directors MeetingCaritas IndiaNew Delhi
14.July 10-11, 2018Workshop on Society/Organizational GovernanceUKSVKDSWS, Lucknow
15.July 26-30, 2018Forum MeetingCaritas IndiaNew Delhi
16.Aug 10-11, 2018Workshop on Financial ManagementUKSVKPastoral Centre, Agra
17.Aug 17-18, 2018Workshop on Financial ManagementUKSVKPastoral Centre, Agra
18.Sep 10-14, 2018Workshop on Situational Analysis & Project DesigningUKSVKDISHA RCDSSS, Ajmer
19.Oct 14-22, 2018National Assembly of caritas India & Forum Directors MeetingCaritas indiaBanglore
20.Dec 01, 2018Justice Peace & Development Commission MeetingJPDCKotdwar
21.Dec 05-06, 2018SAKSHAM- Evaluation MeetingCaritas IndiaNew Delhi
22.Dec 10, 2018Project Launching cum Orientation Meeting of DAKSH UKSVKPastoral centre, Agra
23.Dec 17-20, 2018Workshop on Monitoring & EvaluationUKSVKDISHA RCDSSS, Ajmer
24.Feb 06-07, 2019Training on Social Protection Schemes & ServicesUKSVKJSKS, Dausa
25.Feb 12-13, 2019Training on Social Protection Schemes & ServicesUKSVKDISHA RCDSSS, Ajmer
26.Feb 27-28, 2019Training on Social Protection Schemes & ServicesUKSVKMSS, Meerut
27.March 01-02, 2019Training on Social Protection Schemes & ServicesUKSVKKSSS, Kotdwar, Bijnor
28.March 15, 2019Networking MeetingUKSVKDSWS, Lucknow
29.April 2-3, 2019Workshop on CSTUKSVKPastoral Centre, Agra