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Support UKSVK

You can help UKSVK achieve its goals & objectives in a number of ways…

Gender & Development Department
– Advise us about new initiatives/new programs for women Empowerment.
– Suggest names of other NGOs working on similar programs, to facilitate networking.
– Advise us economically viable programs for our SHGs to further their economic empowerment.
– Advise us about formation of Federations with groups of SHGs and CBOs.
– Assist us in establishing linkages with women’s Federations.
– Assist us as volunteers to enhance our women empowerment program.
– Inform us of resource materials available on Gender and Development.
– Inform about trainings/workshops on Gender and Development

Capacity Building Department
– Share your ideas, concepts and skills on issues – PRA, SHG, Micro-planning, RBM, Monitoring & Evaluation, Sustainability, Federation, Laws related to women, Gender & Development etc.
– Share your Concepts of social development with our member Organisations and staff of UKSVK.
– Inform/ Provide/ send the resource material available on social development issues.
– Provide the names of individuals/ Organisations who are involved in capacity building in Northern India. (E-mail, Website address etc)

Information Dissemination and Resource Centre
– Inform about the publications on social issues.
– Networking Groups.
– National & International programs for Network Organisations.

Financial Assistance
– For expansion of Gender & Development programme in other Districts of Northern States.
– For initiating new joint programs in Northern India.
– Sponsoring villages/Animators/Office staff.