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Initiative 01

The adolescent girls mostly living in rural areas struggle for recognition, rights, protection and support due to the prejudiced mentality towards the girl child and women. The adolescent girls are primarily subjected to household chores and are forced to follow the patriarchal system.

UKSVK is consistently working for the empowerment of rural adolescent girls thus enabling them to fight for their rights. Accordingly, capacity building program and vocational training are being organised for the adolescent girls. As part of vocational training, Basic and Advanced Stitching Training Course (Embroidery & Croshia), Computer Training and Beautician Courses are being organised for the drop outs and marginalised.

Vocational CourseCourse DurationNo. of students enrolled
Basic and advanced stitching training course (embroidery & croshia)6 month480
Basic and advance computer training6 month240
Beautician course3 month360