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Experience in the Development Sector/Social Work

For last Thirty Three years UKSVK has been serving the marginalized group with a goal to restore their dignity and ensure a sustained and economic growth. A bird’s eye view of the achievements of UKSVK will throw more light on the great work that the organization has done in the past.

  1. Gender And Development (GAD) program: A regional common program supported by MISEREOR, was in headway for a period of ten years in the twelve dioceses of the region. Women empowerment for Gender Equality was its overall purpose. At the target group level, intervention through peoples groups, savings, IGA inter loaning etc., have enhanced their financial status and recognition/say in their families and communities. Besides there came tremendous attitudinal changes among men and women regarding the indispensable contribution of women to humanity and to the whole universe at large. Many of the self-help group members contested the Panchayat elections and got elected. The appointment of the elected representatives to various local self-governing bodies shows the effectiveness of UKSVK work.
  1. TOT (Training of Trainers): UKSVK had successfully implemented the TOT programs supported by Manos Unidas in which the selected DSSS personnel were capacitated on various thematic issues. It was a golden period of skill development and information gathering and mutual exchange. Presently, the DSSS is having a pool of expert trainers and are contributing in their respective dioceses/region as well as outside the region.
  1. IDEA (Integrated Development through Empowerment and Action) program: Although it was a Caritas India program -being the regional body left no stone unturned in convincing the dioceses about the need of integrated approach and concerted action for wider impact. As a result good number of schools, health centers, hospitals, parishes etc., take up/create awareness on the issue of female feticide, atrocities against women, disaster preparedness, natural resource management etc., through their school annual functions and other cultural events.

  2. SAKHI (Strengthening Adolescent Girls Knowledge, Women’s Right, Health& Income): UKSVK implemented the SAKHI Program to promote the transition of adolescent girls from school to productive employment through innovative interventions that are tested, and then scaled-up.The initiative was being piloted in 12 diocese of Agra ecclesial region with 15,000adolescent girls.

The program was individually tailored to the state context, and the menu of interventions included vocational training targeting skills in high demand, sexual and reproductive health, early marriage, gender discrimination, education and nutrition. The program emphasized on engaging out-of-school girls through life skills to encourage school completion, linking girls who have dropped out with scholarships, and conducting skills building sessions with flexible timing to avoid conflicts with school schedules.

Increased focus was on young boys and men in order to develop equitable gender role attitudes and a culture of mutual respect. Cadre of volunteers (Health SAKHI’s) were developed who are responsible in streamlining and bridging the govt. services to the community members. 120Health Sakhi’s are actively involved in community led initiatives.

  1. Rebuilding the capacity of women leaders:240 Women Volunteers are being trained on social security schemes, financial banking and livelihood. These women volunteers are inheriting their learning’s and developing a resource pool. Their involvement in the Panchayat and the self-help groups have helped to erode the traditional bastions of power and influence of the exploitative and patriarchal society.