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Approach & Methodology

The entire program of UKSVK follows the Right Based Approach and it is carried out by way of capacity building/facilitating at two levels. At the Regional level, the directors and senior level DSSS staff are capacitated through workshops and training on issues. The DSSS partners and the program staff come together under one umbrella for experience sharing and net working with other like minded NGOs & GOs for sustaining initiatives beyond program. In the next level, i.e., the diocesan level, the above trainees will capacitate the mid level and village level facilitators. The methods employed for the capacity building of the member dioceses are: Thematic Trainings, Trainings of Trainers, Follow up of the action plan of the trainings, and Field visits for facilitation and Monitoring to ensure the translation of learning into action and its integration into the ongoing programs.

Current priorities of UKSVK in the region:
– Women empowerment
– Program for adolescent girls
– Promotion of local self governance
– Local Fund mobilization
– Reproductive health
– Livelihood
– Natural Resource Management
– Transforming adolescent girls through empowerment