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A Financial Consultation meeting was organized by UKSVK in association with its 12 Diocesan partners on February 23, 2017. The objective of the meeting was to enhance the financial management structure of UKSVK, and ensure that UKSVK and its partners have an enhanced insight and clarity on maintaining the accounts.

Mr. Diogo Ferreira, Financial Consultant, MISEREOR/KZE was the resource person for the meeting in which UKSVK team, 11 Diocesan Directors and 11 Accountants participated.

Inaugural Session

Key Highlights were as follows:
Sharing of concerns on the old project (Project No: 321-900-1513).
KZE perception on Local Contribution (L.C) and how important local contribution is in our project implementation.
Appointment of new auditors, auditing process and what result is expected from Audit, etc.
Timely submission of fund request to ensure timely fund receipt from MISEREOR/KZE.

The summing up and evaluation session was chaired by Archbishop. Most. Rev. Dr. Albert D’Souza, President UKSVK. The Archbishop shared that DSSS should tag along the guidelines for reporting the local contribution. Archbishop expressed his gratitude to MISEREOR/KZE for their timely support and hoped for their continuous support for the upliftment of the marginalized.



Key Highlights:

  • The meeting was presided by His Excellency Most Rev. Giambattista, the Apostolic Nuncio to India and Nepal
  • Implementation Plan of SAKHI – II was shared by Fr. Antony, wherein shared the importance of budgeting the Local Contribution
  • Proposed to appoint J. A Martins & Co. for the auditing of SAKHI project.

Formation of financial committee to assist operational financial transaction. Fr. K.K. Antony and Fr. Varghese along with the Treasurer and the Executive Director will monitor proceedings.

generalbodymeetingKey Highlights

  • Formulating and sharing the roles and responsibilities of women representatives
  • How Caritas India can assist UKSVK for further endeavors
  • Resignation and appointment of new Treasurer
  • Appointment of Secretary

On the occasion of Earth Day UKSVK organized a drawing competition for differently abled students of St. Alphonsa School and was received extremely enthusiastically by all the little kids. The objective of the celebration was to sensitise the children on Protection of our Species and how we can promote small initiatives starting from our home to save our species.
25 Children’s, 7 Teachers and 4 office staff participated in the event. UKSVK team shared that many species are now on the verge of extinction. Rapid urbanization has somehow destructed the natural habitat of many species.

To in build and realize the essentiality of protecting our species a drawing competition was organized wherein the children’s were told to draw inhabitants, water bodies, birds etc,. With their imaginations the children drew the pictures of the species which they are aware of.

The enthusiasm in all the children was contagious and everyone present, teachers and children, visibly enjoyed the colourful mood of the day.